Easy Livin’ in the South Bay

South Bay

Today I have the privilege of being a guest blogger for Jason, otherwise known as a Opinionated Man. For the month of July he has opened his blog for Project-H, which stands for Project Home. Project-H allows bloggers to open their lives and their homes to readers from around the world.

I had a little fun and shared about my home here in the Los Angeles South Bay. Please follow the link so you can read my masterpiece:


5 comments on Easy Livin’ in the South Bay

  1. Congratulations! As you know, Jason is a great guy and has an incredible following!

    He has been very supportive of my book-in-progress. As a matter offact, when the time comes for me to promote it, I’m using his PR services – I even endorsed him on his LinkedIn page – check it out! 🙂

    I’ll go take a peek over there – once again, congrats!

    Your Lose It! Buddy, Queen Dy 😉

    1. Because of the novel I’m writing, I’m interested in seeing the results of his PR services. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did it.

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