Weekly Wrap-Up July 18, 2016

Weekly Wrap-up


I’ve running as such a high lately that I assumed, as we know, it was all going to come crashing down with major depression. I was right and I was wrong. I did hit some depression for a couple of days, but wasn’t so major that I couldn’t function. Pretty much a funk that hung over me more than depression. I did things I needed to do, it was just more difficult.

Because I’ve been feeling so good for an extended period, I made a decision to go to Vocational Rehab to see what kind of opportunities there are for me. I made the mistake of telling Maurice this and he was insistent I should not go. His response was that I am working as a full time writer and, therefore, I am working. I’m pretty sure that both my pdoc and my therapist will agree with him, but I’ll probably ask them anyway.

Weight and Fitness

Weight on July 09 – 260.6
Weight on July 16 – 258.0
Total loss = 2.6 lbs.

Though I expected to lose more last week, I’m still feeling good. My goal is to lose 1.5 lbs. a week and I lost a 1 lb. more than that. Woo Hoo.

The reason for my weight loss is because of good old fashion eating right and exercising. Novel idea, huh?

I said I was going to walk daily to the library for exercise and then stay there for a quiet environment to work in. Well, it worked on both ends. Four days last week I walked there. It’s about a five mile walk. One of those days I decided to walk back home as well. As far as the writing, well it went okay. I’ll talk more about it further down. Physically it was a successful week.


The library has turned out to be an excellent way to be more productive, however I’m disappointed at how little time I’ve been working on the novel. This blog use to take a large chunk of my time, but I reorganized my writing time periods to reduce that problem.

The other thing is I’m still working on the sermon I’m giving at church next week. I chose a subject that is harder than I expected, so it’s taking far more time to research than it should, and much more time than the prior two sermons I’ve given. I’m excited, but seriously disappointed that I’m spending much less time with the novel.


Not necessarily a bad week, but seriously frustrating.

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  1. Sounds like Maurice doesn’t want you to be triggered. The question is what is best for you. For some, it is to work, for the structure can be helpful. For others, like myself, it is to write, for work overstimulates me and triggers hypomania and workaholism.

    1. That’s exactly what it is, Kitt. I tried going back to work and it was too much. Tried going back to school and it was too much. Depression, mania, panic attacks – all the above. I love writing and it works great for me, I just want to help bring more money home. I always get this way when I’m balanced for an extended period of time.

      1. Money doesn’t define our value. We who write and have patrons (partners) who support us offer value that is often not compensated. Think of artists in the past who could create only because of their patrons’ generosity.

        1. That’s the good part of all this. I love writing and am excited it’s an opportunity. If I was capable of working a a “regular” job, I probably wouldn’t be writing.

  2. A FIVE MILE WALK?!?! You are majorly studly!!!!!!! I feel good if I’ve walked TWO miles in a day. Then again, I have new shoes coming from Amazon, and new walking shoes always supercharge my walking habits, sooooo….

    1. When I first started walking I weighed over 300 lbs and would stop every half block because I was in too much pain. It’s a process. Good luck with the new shoes

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