The Post on Why I Can’t Post

One thing that’s very important to me regarding my blog is that I post regularly.  To me that means a minimum of twice weekly, preferably three. But as I said in my previous post, I’m having a difficult time adapting to a normal schedule. Each day I think it’s going to be better and instead it gets worse. I don’t know why.

Right now, as I sit here, my brain has turned into mush. I can’t even watch tv because it’s just too much for my mind to grasp. Thankfully I don’t have classes on Friday, otherwise I’d really be spinning.

I think it’s a good day to get outside and talk a walk or meditate or something other than sitting here painfully writing a simple post.

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  1. I’ll send you a bubble of love to envelope you…hope it helps a little bit…

  2. Hope you did get out for a walk, or meditated, or did something that helped you to feel better. It might not be tomorrow, but as long as you are doing all the things you are supposed to, you will feel better soon. Namaste

    1. I did go for a walk and met a friend at a coffee shop. I’m still a mess, but at least I’m a relaxed mess.

  3. I’ve been there…you’re not alone…and this will pass. Sounds like you have a good grasp on what you need to do to look after yourself. You’re blog…and your readers…will patiently wait for you. Be good to yourself.

  4. Hey, it might be a simple post, but you got across well how frustrating it can be trying to write when our brains are not playing ball.

    I’m glad the walk helped relax you. I think just getting out and walking is a great way for everyone to help deal with life. I need to do it more!

    1. Exercise can have a dramatic effect on my mood, as I’m sure it does with others. The problem is convincing yourself of that when you don’t even have enough energy to take a shower. I sometimes feel like I need a full time personal trainer to give me that push when I need it. And I need it a lot.

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