A Quick Update On A Few Things

I’ve got a lot to do today, including getting some writing done, but I feel the need to do a post to get my day started. Plus, there are some quick updates.

The Brain Game: Take Two

I met with my neurologist yesterday and here’s what’s going on. He’s always though it was due to problems with my ulnar nerve. That nerve runs down across the funny bone and goes directly to the specific fingers I’m having problems with in each hand. When I told him the CT scan show it’s likely some disks in my back are now against each other, he wasn’t surprised. It’s a hunch he and my neurosurgeon had, but they didn’t seem to be scrunched together enough to cause the problem

He asked if the MRI scheduled by my primary care doctor included my surgical spine I said that I didn’t think so but would check. He said that must be done because the CT scan won’t give a clear enough picture to know that’s what’s happening.

I called my physicians office and asked what exactly did they schedule for my MRI and was told it was for my brain only. When I explained this to them, they said they’re going to cancel the last order and submit a new one that states to do my brain and my cervical spine.

My MRI is coming up so it’s just a wait game for now. One thing my neurologist explained is my neurosurgeon likes to exhaust all other resources before having to go for surgery and I’ll likely be sent to a physical therapist. This wouldn’t bother me, but they had me work with physical therapists two different times already. He smiled and said I’ll probably have to go in for a third.

Btw. One reason they don’t think I’m having a problem with carpel tunnel is that moving my hands and elbows has no effect, good or bad, on the numbness and pain.

Putting Out A Story

In the midst of all this, I’m doing the best I can to get my next novel out. This is not going as well as I hoped because my hands become sore and have to frequently take breaks.

The other challenge I’m having is concertation. I don’t have writer’s block (a term I hate) because I know exactly the direction I want to go, but can’t focus on it for long. There’s not anything I’ve been able to focus on. I told my psychiatry quack about that this morning. I explained it feels like what I think ADHD would feel like, but tests have shown that I don’t have it.

Her suggestion is to not adjust my meds but continue as I’m doing and see if that changes. We agreed new meds will be our last resort if it continues for the next month or two. There are meds that are used to treat ADHD that may work even though I don’t have it.

Her intuition is there’s a good probability it’s because of my drug abuse. Even though I’ve been clean and sober, since 2003, cocaine and crystal meth can have lifelong repercussions like I described, even after stopping. I do hope that’s not the case. Here’s another wait and see.

Will We Stay Or Will We Go

Although Biden has won the election, I refrained from bringing up moving to Uruguay because he’s been under a lot of stress for many different reasons.

Last night he was looking at something on Amazon. I don’t remember what it was but it was big. He said, “It’s probably best if we hold off since we don’t know where we’ll be living. He’d hate to waste the money if we wind up in Uruguay. HE brought it up as still a possibility. I was dumbfounded. When I told him that is still my preference he said he knew. We agreed that moving to Uruguay will cost money just as much as building a tiny house will e. Our agreement is to continue to save and we’ll have a more serious discussion after we have have more in the bank.

I Make No Apologies.

I looked back at a few previous posts and noticed my grammar and punctuation are atrocious. One example of the use of there, their, and they’re. I know the difference. If you quiz me a thousand times I’ll give the right answer a thousand times. The challenge I have is when I writing real fast I never know what’s going to come out of my finger tips. This is true of commas, other words etc.

After writing this blog I do not edit. I get what’s in my system out there and start my day. I will get a lot of stuff wrong because my brain works the way it works. Things are going to come out wrong and I can live with out.

Sorry to you grammarions out there, but I have no intention to change. I make no apologies.

There’s probably more to chat about but I want to get my day started. Have glorious day!

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  1. Ha! I forgive everyone’s and my own grammar and punctuation mistakes in everything but published books ♥

    1. That’s my attitude. When it comes to grammar and punctuation, Messenger, Facebook, and Twitter get a pass. I feel the same way about emails but to a lesser degree.

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