Weekly Wrap-Up June 20, 2016

weekly wrap-up\


Nothing changed from last week and that’s a good thing. I’m thrilled I’d been in good spirits the past couple of weeks. I don’t know how long it will last and I don’t give a damn – I’m savoring every second of it.

Not much more to tell. I think it’s easier to have things to say when times are shitty than when they are going well. If that’s true, I hope I have little to say for a while.

Weight and Fitness

I didn’t get weighed last week because I was out of town, so this week’s weigh in compares to two weeks ago.

Weight on June 4 – 259.9
Weight on June 18 – 263.6
Total gain 3.8 lbs

Last week we went on a long weekend to camp with our church. The meals in the lodge were a bit heavy, however the big problem was the ridiculous amount of fattening snacks that were left out 24 hours a day. Grossly overindulged. Unfortunately, the change in eating behavior continued throughout the week. I mean, the diet was ruined already, so just go ahead and continue to overindulge the rest of the week, right?

For the first time in a while I am not being easy on myself. I’m mad. I’ve made a commitment that this will be the last time I see 263 lbs on my scale ever again. Weight Watchers allows you to eat whatever you want, so most of what you learn is portion control. That’s what I’ll be doing from this point on. I swear it.

No exercise last week either. I miss the beach and have committed myself to go there at least three days this week.

Enjoying what I want, but cutting back on portion size and walking along the beach, which I love to do. This is doable.


I’ve read many books on how to write by great writers, including Stephen King, Janet Evanovich and Sue Grafton. Every book, by one of the greats, says one important thing – write every day. In fact, they say to write every day no matter what. If you sit down the next day and see that what you wrote is gibberish, then throw it away and write some more.

I’ve been following this rule as best I could and I’ve written a lot of gibberish. I’ve especially been struggling with one of the scenes at the end of chapter 9. I’ve written several drafts and just can’t get it right. I’m meeting with my writer’s critique group later today and I hope I have something presentable. We’ll see.


Emotionally it’s been a great week, however because of my overeating and weight gain, and because of my difficulty writing, I’ll say the overall has been mediocre.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post to learn what my Lose It! buddy has been up to! Wow, it would be very hard to ignore snacks out for the taking 24/7.

    I am thrilled that you’re continuing to feel better and I LOVE reading about it because your success/progress inspires me. I have lived enough horror stories to last a lifetime, so I’m drawn to positivity and bright lights like you.

    So it’s here in writing that you’ll stick to your *doable* resolutions. I will be DEFINITELY checking up on you! :))))

    1. Thank you, Dyane. It’s good to see you enjoy my updates. I do it to keep myself in check, but I’m never sure if others really care about them.

    1. It went great actually. I wasn’t thrilled with what I had to share and they liked it very much. Made me happy.

  2. Hi Bradley
    Glad to hear your mood has remained up. Can I make a copy of you Award Free badge? I don’t have time for one. I’m so embrased on one it’s so late, I’m ingnoring at putting the trash.

    1. Absolutely. feel free to make a copy. I got it off of Pintrest. You can check there too,, if you’re looking for a different style

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