Writing Still But Not So Easy

writing pain

It’s been almost a week since I’ve written a post, which is unusual for me. I’m currently dealing with some nerve damage that makes writing extremely difficult, and painful, to type. I’m scheduled to see a neurologist in March, but hopefully will be back up and writing this blog before then.

Until then, I invite you to please visit my Facebook where I try to post something humorous or profound at least a few times a day. Why don’t you go ahead and check “Like” while you’re there.


~ Bradley

11 comments on Writing Still But Not So Easy

  1. I am unable to type due to my MS so I use a program called Dragon Naturally Speaking and a set of headphones with a mic. I speak and it types. You might want to look into it.

    1. I looked them and am surprised by how inexpensive the Home Edition is. I’m definitely going to look into it a little closer. Thank you

    2. Surprise! Dragon is already installed on my pad. I’ll try it out. Hopefully there’s not too big of a learning curve.

    1. You’re right, Gary, it’s just that I love writing so much that I’m having a difficult time accepting I probably should take a break.

    1. Thank you, Rose. I miss it. I’ve got at least a couple of articles coming this week. I just have to pace myself and not do too much with my arms or hands at a given time.

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