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It’s been a couple of months since my last post, but I’ll always come back and write a post if it strokes my ego.

Unbeknownst to me, this blog received special attention from a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t know about it because I have been bad about checking my email regularly.

Good Therapy named this, and five other blogs, as Best of the Best: Favorite Blogs about Bipolar.  It’s funny to receive this despite my not posting much these days.

I’ve missed blog posting, and this has lit a fire under my ass, so I am making a commitment to write a post at least once a week, with two posts being my true goal.  I appreciate those of you who’ve stuck with me.

I want to acknowledge the other blogs who were mentioned and encourage you to check them out:

Bipolar, Unemployed, & Lost

Bipolar Out Loud

The Bipolar Blogger Network

Running Naked with Scissors

Bipolar Mom Life

  4 comments for “Accolades From

  1. July 13, 2015 at 13:45

    I look forward to reading more of what you have to write.

    • Bradley
      July 13, 2015 at 14:45

      Good to hear. I hope to not disappoint

  2. July 13, 2015 at 12:51

    Congratulations! I’m happy for you and especially happy that you are back.

    • Bradley
      July 13, 2015 at 14:44

      I’m happy to be back, Journey. It’s going to require a balancing act on my part, but I’ll be fine.

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