Another Big Duh

I’m manic today and as usual I love it. The bad part, however, is Maurice wants to chill on his day off. As a result I want to bounce, bounce, bounce all around the house and he wants to watch the tube. In our tiny apartment that is not a good combination.

I always love my mania. I don’t get it very often so I like that it brings me out of my depressive state that I generally lean towards. It also helps that I’m bipolar II and therefore have been lucky enough that I haven’t had a severe manic episode recently. Oh, hell, I’m not lucky because of the shitty lows I get, but my manic episodes feels good but is mild enough not to be dangerous. A severe episode, more likely associated with those who are bipolar I may result in dangerous behavior, such as shopping too much, sexual behavior and normal interaction with people. Not dangerous to others, per se, but dangerous to oneself.

It’s interesting because most people it seems I’ve spoken with perceive bipolar I as being worse than bipolar II. So, what do I read today in MedWire News? That those with bipolar II are more likely to commit suicide.

How come bipolar II are more likely to kill themselves? Well, according to the study it’s because suicide is more likely to occur while in a depressive state. Well, there’s a big DUH if I ever heard one. Who could possibly have come up with the thought that depressed people are more likely to kill themselves? Gee, I always wonder how much these studies cost.

This is not a contest. In fact, I think it’s time for the contest to end. Whether bipolar I or bipolar II, one has a mental disorder that needs to be taken seriously.

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  1. I agree!! What sucks about major depression is that you never get a high, not even for a moment. So, sometimes, I’d like to feel that manic part just once. However, I think that bipolar no matter what type is extremely tough to deal with both medication wise and psychologically. You sound like Tigger…that used to be my nickname at one of my jobs. We had a Rabbit too…she wasn’t very happy when we told her about the character. But, my job was to bug her into being more cheerful. I guess I did have some life before this major depressive episode. But, I have this image of you bouncing around in a bright orange tigger outfit. LOL!!! Hmmm…would that make Maurice Rabbit…don’t tell him I said that. I sure hope you know about there characters; otherwise, I just wasted a lot of space…maybe I did anyway!!Happy bouncing,Clueless

  2. Ohhh I love being manic too, I know all about that feeling of *boingggggg* as if you are literally bouncing off the walls and dancing on the ceiling. Its going down that gets difficult and yes I could see the stupidity in that statement…hmmm depressed people want to and do commit suicide…who would have thought…idiots

  3. Hi Bradley:Well, although I didn’t read that study you’re referring to, the way I’ve understood the timing of suicide is that when you’re on the way down you still have some energy, but you also have the lower mood – a dangerous combination. It’s also the same reason that when one you are depressed and start an anti-depressant you have to be careful because you can have more energy PLUS the lower mood, because the energy level can go up before the mood changes. Although I am not bipolar myself, my mother is type II. I certainly know what it is like to live with someone who is. Warmly,~Laura

  4. @clueless yes, I know all the characters from the 100 Acre Wood so you are ccompletely making sense to me. Only thing is, I think of Rabbit as cranky and Eeyore as depressed.You did make sense for sure.@girlblue Yes, coming off a manic episode sucks big time. BIG time@Laura I’d have to agree that when I’m severly depressed I may think of suicide, but it’s never really much of a reality. Only when I get a little better do I take the thought more seriously. As you said, I think it has more to do with energy level.

  5. There is definitely a mental block (no pun intended) when thinking about mental disorders. People have tendency to ignore it or be very secretive because of the social stigma associated.A mental disease just like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc is just a disease. And as you point out every disease should be taken seriously.

  6. I agree about your characterization of Rabbit and Eeyore, but my coworker was definitely Rabbit and my other one was definitely Eeyore. And, I was called Tigger…doesn’t seem like me now, but little bits are beginning to show here and there around here. (LOL!! funny sentence)

  7. @Clueless I've always thought of myself more as Roo with his child-like inocence, but with Rabbits tendency to worry.@Bradley- We at least finished one major project today and got to watch a good movie. And even if you are manic and bouncing off the walls, (warning sappiness alert) wegot to spend the day together.Most of these studies you come accros are just "BIG DUHS". I wish they wiould spend more money on the actual healthcare and stop with all the stupid "studies". PEACE & LOVE Y'ALL!!!

  8. I wish I could have one nice, happy manic phase like I used to have a couple of years ago. I have bipolar 1, but combined with PTSD means I’m nowadays in perpetual depression. My manic episodes stopped being fun and turned in aggressive phases. No point even hoping for one. No one wants to be in my company during those times – even me!Glad you’re feeling chipper tho 🙂

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