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Feeling Good but Staying Cool

Here’s typical pictures you’ll find on most drug ads and websites that explain dealing with major depression and bipolar disorder: Who wouldn’t be depressed after viewing pictures like these? It must be a conspiracy by the drug companies. Boy am I feeling great today! Our niece is back with us and probably will be for […]

OMG It’s Hot!

Just a few days ago it was cold and today it’s up to 95F. What the hell is that about? Church service was a mess today. It was our ministers day off so we had a guest minister who was Christian. Now there are Christian UU ministers, just like there are Buddhist UU ministers, Pagan […]

I Got The Blues

Feel like shit. We had a table set up today, as we do every Sunday, and didn’t sell a single one of the concert tickets. The LGBT church group that I’m chairperson of is fizzling out. When we first got it active we had 30 people attending but it dropped as expected. But now we’re […]

Some People Just Don’t Get It

Finally, here’s a picture of my glorious self. It was taken just a few days ago: I prefer not to be that scruffy. In fact, just today I had the beard and mustache cut back significantly. I’ll get around to posting that. Something’s been buggin me since I got an email recently from one of […]

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