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Time Mismanagement

Philosophy class, Political Science class, volunteering ten hours a week; three blog posts each week, study six hours per week, seeking writing opportunities, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, dishwashing, psychiatrist visits, therapist visits. AAAAAAAAHHHH! I’m feeling damned overwhelmed. I watch students who take a full class load, plus work full time and get good grades. I […]

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Last week I mentioned that due to a series of panic attacks I did not get an essay turned in, so I did the math and determined that the best final grade I was capable of was a “C”.  I discussed this with my professor and he encouraged me to drop the class and take it […]

Good to be Back

Where the hell have I been?  Good question.  I’ve been busy juggling the various aspects of my life and not doing a very good job of it.  It’s been odd not having read or written any blog articles for a couple of weeks.  It’s good to be back.  Well kinda. An update regarding my depression.  […]


No posts from me so far this week and that frustrates me.  As I mentioned in previous posts, I’m currently following the advice of my pdoc and am taking only one course this fall.  I was angry at him and myself.  It turns out it was a good decision.  I’m taking English 101 and I’m […]

My Doctor Was Right, Dammit!

A week ago I was pretty upset. I had planned to up the number of classes this Fall semester and become a full time student. My pdoc thought otherwise. He told me I should only take 1 class and I fought him on it. Later, based on my respect for him, and on feedback from […]

Cancelling Classes

I met with my advisor at school yesterday. I told her that I was following my psychiatrists orders and we began cancelling classes that I was scheduled to attend this Fall. We cancelled them all except for English 101. That’s it. Just one damn class. That’s all I apparently am capable of. I thought I […]

School Dazed

Going back to school has been a real bitch. I struggled a lot when I first went back, but this semester is better. I’m making great grades. Granted, I’m only taking one class, but that is beside the point. Being excited I’ve gone ahead and registered for four classes this Fall. The classes I’ve signed […]