No posts from me so far this week and that frustrates me.  As I mentioned in previous posts, I’m currently following the advice of my pdoc and am taking only one course this fall.  I was angry at him and myself.  It turns out it was a good decision.  I’m taking English 101 and I’m having a difficult time balancing my school work with every day tasks and giving myself some free time.

In addition to regular schoolwork, I’m working on the 1st of 4 essays we’re doing.  I’m a bit more freaked out about it.  If I’m struggling to balance everything right now, how am I going to be able to handle going full time?  I’m frustrated and frightened about the idea.

One big concern I’m having is regarding my free time.  Basically, my hobby is reading and writing blogs.  I’ve been unable to do either this week.  Is this going to be the norm?  I hope not.  The last time I abandoned this blog was by my own choice.  I’d hate to have it forced upon me.  We’ll see what happens over the upcoming weeks.  Overall, I’m fairly confident that I’ll be able to continue, but there’s that spot in my brain that thrives on me worrying and it’s speaking loudly this week.

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  1. It’s hard to write when your mind is telling you something else, but keep the fight up if you can and one day you just might break through it. Your hobby of writing this blog helps many others and you’ve given me a big insight into your condition which effects so many people. If you need a break, then you need a break but please, if you can, don’t give up.

  2. Try just one post per week and see how that goes. I was so involved in my own stupid drama for a while that I couldn’t post as often as I like, so I can understand not liking having it forced upon you. But, one class, one post, and maybe things will work themselves out. Oh, and tell your brain to be quiet. I have to do that a lot, and sometimes it even works 🙂

    1. Thank you for the feedback. i’m not going anywhere for now and I hope it stays that way. Just concerned about the future (stay in the moment! stay in the moment!)

      1. The future will be here soon enough…..staying present in the here and now is a wonderful way to not only be, but to counter worry and anxiety. Things are going to run their course. I have the same problem. I worry about what might happen, and then I ruin what is going on right now 🙂

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