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My friend Tony “Tone” Vega,of Tony Vega Dot Net, has nominated me for a Liebster Award. To receive the award, I have to list 11 random facts about me and answer a questionnaire with 11 specific questions. I normally don’t accept awards, but I made an exception because I was planning to do an “All about me” post for my newest followers anyway Thank you, Tone. I’m honored by your nomination.

Here Are 11 Random Facts About Me:

1.       I’ve lived in 13 cities in 6 states.

2.       Of the cities I’ve lived in, I disliked Stockton, California the most. The area I love the most is the Los Angeles South Bay where I live now.

3.       I have a 19-year old daughter attending University in England

4.       I was born in Niles, Michigan

5.       I’ve been married to my husband, Maurice, for 9 wonderful years.

6.       I didn’t come out of the closet until I was 35.

7.       I don’t like watching TV much, but I love The Walking Dead

8.       The last concert I attended was over 15 years ago and had Destiny’s Child, Snoop Dogg, Bones Thugs and Harmony, Pink, Run DMC and more.

9.       I am a Unitarian Universalist. If you’d like to know more, you can find out here.

10.   I’ve sky dived 4 times

11.   I was born with anosmia, which means I have no sense of smell.


These are eleven questions asked of me:


1. Who are you? (in one sentence?)

I am a man who loves his family, his career, and am optimistic about the future.


2. What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

I’ve been such an open book on my blog and in my life, it’s hard to think of anything that would surprise anyone.


3. If given a chance to be invisible, what would you do?

Because I’m a writer, I would listen in on people’s conversations and watch their actions.


4. What is happiness to you?

Being in the moment and meditate on all that has been good in my life.


 5. Your inspiration, and why so?

My daughter and my husband.  Any action I take I keep in mind how it can make a difference in their lives.


 6. What is your biggest achievement in life so far?

I have been clean and sober for 12 years. Without my sobriety, nothing else would matter.


7. If you could start over, what would you change?

I would spend more time with my daughter when she was growing up.


8. If given a chance to go on a date with a celebrity, who would that be?

Ryan Reynolds


9. Are you happy with your life till now?

Living with bipolar disorder, it’s hard for me to say I’ve been happy overall, but I cherish the moments that have brought me happiness


10. Your favorite song?

“Lithium” by Nirvana 


11.       What comes first, the egg or the chicken?  Explain the reason.

I have no idea because I wasn’t there when the chicken evolved.


There you have it. I hope you learned a thing or two about me.  Again, I thank Tone for nominating me for the award.  Tone describes his blog as “The Blog About Nothing,” but I must disagree. To me his blog is about everything. It’s not a blog with any niche so Tony just writes whatever’s on his mind. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, always entertaining. Visit Tone’s blog at


Rather than nominating others for the award, I’m just leaving it up for anyone who’s interested to participate.  I would suggest it because it was fun.

Liebster Award

13 comments on It’s All About Me

    1. I always thought it was a strange song until I found out what the name is and then I thought it was perfect I love all things Nirvana

  1. I had lots of fun reading your answers. I definitely learned some new things about you as I’m a relatively new follower.

    I hate Stockton! We’ve gotten lost there during one of the hottest days of the year, and that place is Hell on Earth! That’s super cool your daughter is studying in England which is a place I want to visit so badly.

    1. When I first moved to Stockton all my employees told me it was an awful place to live and that I would hate it there. I dismissed their comments and told them I’ve lived in many areas around the country and I hadn’t found a city yet that didn’t have any good qualities. You know what? They were right. The only nice thing I can say about the Stockton is that it’s only 80 miles from San Francisco.

      1. LOL!!!!! I pity the fool who lives in Stockton! Just kidding…well, not really, but if anyone is reading this and lives there, I’m sorry! For real!

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