Bipolar Disorder Symptoms Anyone Can Understand

bipolar disorder symptoms
You’ve probably read the various websites that list 5, 10 or 20 signs you may have bipolar disorder. You know the ones – they say that those with bipolar have racing thoughts, delusions of grandeur, easily distracted, hypersexuality, and so on. I find these lists rather vague and confusing. Compare a list of bipolar symptoms with a list of ADD symptoms and you’ll find the lists nearly identical. To help make things clearer, I’ve taken a list of symptoms from the Mayo Clinic website and explain what they really mean in straightforward terms.

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms Anyone Can Understand

Spending sprees or unwise financial choices means
The box under the bed labeled wrapping paper is actually full of collection agency letters and bank overdraft statements.

Decreased need for sleep means
You stare at the ceiling most of the night, yet, wake up at 5 am and clean the kitchen.

Increased physical activity and easily distracted means
You’ve never worked harder in your life to get projects done, yet nothing gets finished.

Decline in personal hygiene means
You can’t leave the house because being cramped in the shower with water shooting at you is more than you can handle.

• Racing thoughts and agitation means

You want to strangle the person whose talking with you because they are talking so slow it’s painful.

Increased drive to perform or achieve goals and poor performance at work or school means
You’re a Superstar at work with opportunities to advance just 6 months after you’re hired, then end up quitting or fired.

Increased sex drive means
You can’t remember the name of the person you woke up with this morning

Inflated self-esteem means
You feel like the king or queen of the world, yet, worthless at the same time

Loneliness and irritability means
Your phone is dead, yet, you’re angry because no one called to wish you a Happy Birthday.

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you can think of more symptoms, please list them in the comments section

7 comments on Bipolar Disorder Symptoms Anyone Can Understand

  1. omg….so very well interpreted for the lay person who has no clue and wonders why you are suddenly so odd and can’t/won’t just snap out of it.

  2. Hi Bradley,

    I was Queen at spending money and it’s only now that I’m being responsible, thank god!
    Younger the whole sex thing was just crazy. Jobs? I’m hopeless at holding any down. Thank goodness I was able to work for myself. I’m really placid and very rarely get angry. It takes an awful lot to upset me. I get angry with myself more than anyone else ever could. Lol My problem more than anything else is the Suicidal Thoughts. BTW: Are you telling me I’m not a super star?? Hahaha You know I love you and are only joking. We have to learn to laugh at ourselves or we will live in misery! Many hug to you, Paula xxxxx

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