The Only Thing That’s Constant is Change

I like “change for the sake of change”. That’s what a former employer of mine told me. It was before I was diagnosed as bipolar so I’m certain she was right. Promoting change is perceived as one of my faults or assets, depending on who you ask and what day it is. Living up to these standards I’ve decided it’s time to change the focus of this blog. Don’t worry, nothing too major going on, just something I need to do about this innertube around my waist. Since I started five months ago the primary focus has been on coping with having bipolar disease and secondarily focusing on my diet, exercise and weight loss. I shared plenty of stories about Tigger Mania, the Chihuahua Syndrome, etc. While I’m still crazy as a loon, I have seen dramatic change due to medication and therapy. I’ve only experienced a few days lately where I’ve had high mania or low depression. I’m not one hundred percent balanced, but I may never be.

When I started this blog I weighed a whopping 293 lbs. Today I weigh a whopping 279. I grant you that a 14 lb loss is better than a stick in the eye, but it’s not much in the grand scheme of things. For my own health and safety it’s time to flip the coin. Weight loss needs to be my primary focus, while I continue to share my life as someone diagnosed as bipolar.

What does this mean to you my dear readers? Probably not too much. You’ll see more pictures of me I’m sure (sorry about that), more moaning about excercise, and huge crocodile tears over the loss of my regular Ben & Jerry runs.

Don’t worry old friends who are more interested in the roller coaster that runs through my brain. You’ll get plenty of that too. So I’m off now. I need to go to Dunkin Donuts to get a dozen to enjoy while I ponder what to write about tomorrow.

Uncle Bradley will be back again this Friday to answer any personal question. If you need to ask for some help in any situation, just leave a message in one of the comment sections or you can drop me an email. In your email, let me know if you’d like it to be anonymous.

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  1. Great move to make your blog head a direction you need it to go. Sometimes I think too few do it. Had to laugh at the sorry about the pix, though.

  2. I have such a “fear of change complex” that over the years (decades) I’ve grown to embrace this:”The one thing we can count on in life is change.”Once I really accepted that, my anxiety level went down, because something I dreaded/feared was in essence predictable.Good luck with the weight loss. I have 30 min walks as my goal on wellshere now, and hopefully more weight will come off as a result.One thing about me, if I even READ the word DONUT I gain weight. God I love donuts.

  3. @sassy mama Thank you for the congrats. I look forward to more of those as I lose.@clueless One of my favorite all time songs.@immi Trust me. You’ll be sorry to see more pics of my fat ass.@stephany I stopped walking and need to get back to it. Excercise is the key to me. Just dieting doesn’t do much for me.@aries amazing it is

  4. Good luck with the new focus. I share the Homer Simpson donut philosophy: how can something so sweet and innocent and so tasty be bad for me? Oy, I want a donut right now.

  5. Bradley, It sounds like you are doing much better! Keep up the good work and do the next right, and light thing. Mikep.s. my meds are really working for me right now. having the right balance there is such a big thing.

  6. Sounds like a plan! Really hope the change of focus helps you feel motivated, Bradley. It’s no easy task you’ve set yourself but then when is life ever ‘eh?

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