Weekly Wrap-Up June 27, 2016

weekly wrap-up


Another great week without mania or depression. That’s three in a row! Woo Hoo! (knock on wood) I did have some anxiety that made it hard to concentrate and on Friday I and had to cancel a lunch date with a friend because of it. If that’s as bad as it gets, though – I’ll take it!

Weight and Fitness

Weight on June 4 – 263.6
Weight on June 18 – 264.6
Total gain 1 lbs

Last week I made a commitment that I would never see 263 lbs again. Sadly that’s not true and, yeah, I’m down about it. I did exercise a few times last week, but it didn’t make up for the overeating that I did.

Saturday, Maurice and I, took a 7.5 mile walk along the beach. Hopefully that will help with a Brad snd Mauriceweight loss when I get weighed next Saturday.

My therapist and I had an excellent session last week and primarily talked about my weight issues. Together we came up with what we both thought was a brilliant plan.

Currently I write Monday – Friday from about 12 noon – 5pm. The two places where I write are at home or at Starbucks. At home the refrigerator is just a room away. At Starbucks there is a case of delicious sweets.

Our plan is for me to go to the library to write. The library is 5 miles away. If I leave home at 8 am and walk, I will easily be there before it opens at 10am. The additional bonus is that there is not a (good) place to eat in the area around the library. All I’ll have to eat is what I take with me. The only hurdle is that I find libraries too sterile and quiet. I generally do my best work in a busy area, such at Starbucks. My goal this week is to try this at least 3 times. Hopefully I can get to the beach once or twice too. I’m excited to try this out and hope it will be successful.


I didn’t get as much written this week as I would have liked. The anxiety didn’t help. Hopefully the new plan to write at the library will get me committed to get more done. I did read much of a chapter for my writer’s critique group and it was well received. There were comments about how much my writing has improved since I joined the group. I agree completely and feel very good about it.


My mood was good, but I did have to deal with anxiety. My eating and exercise habits were not so good, and my writing got pushed to the back shelf. The previous week I said it had been mediocre overall. I’ll give it the same score this past week as well. This week will definitely be OUTSTANDING!

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  1. There are so many great things going on with you despite the anxiety, which I suffer from as well. The library sounds like a potential goldmine although I understand how the Starbucks environment stimulates you to do your best work Have you ever listened to “focus music” on headphones? There are different options on YouTube and some are for writers. Just a thought! It actually helps me.

    Lastly, that picture of you two is ADORABLE!!!!!!! :))))

    1. Yeah, we are quite the pair, aren’t we. 🙂 Thank you as always for your support. I’m going to check out this YouTube thing now

    1. Thank you for reading. My life is pretty much an open book, but sometimes I wonder if people find it a book worth reading.

  2. I like your plan to walk to the library. I would do that but I’m sure my mind would be telling me I need a good, sweet treat waiting for me. Not the time spent exercising and working, but a food kind of sweet. I have to change that way of rewarding myself. It’s not going well but I won’t give up. I’m glad you had an outstanding week!

  3. Glad you’re celebrating 3 weeks of no mania or depression. That’s fantastic. I love the plan for your writing. It’s a brilliant idea – incorporating exercise and writing. Keep in mind you’ll be starting a new routine. They can take a while to settle in, so keep that in mind if you feel restless with the library. But you’ll know well enough if it suits you or not 🙂

    1. Yesterday I had appointments so I couldn’t follow through on the plan, but I’m about to get started and jump in the shower. I almost started my morning at the beach today instead, but that would have complicated things. I have to give the plan a chance before I start making changes.

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