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Depression is Back Again.

Meh, pretty much describes my day today.   My pdoc and I have found a pretty good drug coctail that helps keep me in balance.  You’d think that I would have learned by now is that being on the meds doesn’t mean I’ll never be depressed or manic again.  The days that I seem perfectly balanced […]

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Well, the decison has been made — I’m not going to have the surgery(for now).  Those damn things are expensive.  The entire process takes about 6 months, but they nickle and dime you all along the way.  I was naive to think that all the prep work that has to be done would be totaled […]

Where Do I Begin?

It’s been such a while, I have so much going on that It’s hard to decide where to start:  First:  My bipolar is more under control, but still not where I’d like it to be.  I still have manic days and depressive days, but the pendulum doesn’t swing towards manic as much as it use too. Despite the fact […]

The Hardest Pound I Ever Worked Off

My first week on Weight Watchers has passed. I converted the fats, fiber and calories into points. I logged every point in my tracker. I ate my veggies, ate small servings in general..and so on. I marched up to the scale at the weight watchers meeting with no fear. I was ready to boast about […]

Day One.

Sitting and Starbucks in Omaha right now having a delicious scone. Day One: The trip was fabulous. The last time I flew I had to get one of those embarrasing extensions for my seat belt. This time I wasn’t even close to needing one. Woooo Hoooo! Those of you who keep telling me to stop […]

Like A Pig To The Trough

When Maurice and I arrived a few people were standing around the table where hors d’oeuvres were being served. We skipped lunch, so we were relieved there was a little to eat. I couldn’t believe the grilled vegetables. Grilled asparagus, onions, peppers, carrots, eggplant – each and every one of them tasted as wonderful as […]


I stepped on the scale with trepidation. I was afraid to see that once again I gained a few pounds. The bar was already at 285. When I stepped on the scale, the slider stayed flat. Didn’t budge a centimeter so I knew I was less than that – a good sign. I slowly started […]

Stuck at 282

Plateau’s while dieting are a bitch. Even more of a bitch is when you keep stuck at a certain weight and it’s because you’re not balancing your diet and exercise. (sigh) And that is….dare I admit it….oh no…..that is what I’m failing to do. My first goal in my weight loss is to lose 24 […]

Weight:: Trying to Reach the Goal

I’ve been hovering around 285 pounds for some time now. Not being one to take responsibility for my own actions I’ll blame it on being on a plateau. Don’t worry, this post will not be a pity party….ok, maybe a little. I walk every day so certainly those regular Ben & Jerry indulgences wouldn’t have […]

It’s Official….I’m Old

I’ve never been one bothered by age much. When I was 25 I was a little depressed because hearing I’m a quarter century old was a bit disheartening. I got over that and haven’t been bothered by any birthday since. Yesterday, however, that all changed. The change is worse than crows feet, stiffer joints, birthdays […]

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